This featured guitar I made for my good friend Rick. This was a guitar I was originally building for myself, as it's loaded with a switching setup that will allow every possible coil combination out of two humbuckers. And I do mean every combination; singles, parallel, series, out-of-phase -- 216 different possible combinations in total. It's not a setup I recommend for customers, since many of these are out-of-phase combinations that just aren't very useful. I designed it specifically to allow me to sort out some switching ideas I have in mind -- to be able to check how certain unusual combinations might actually sound.

As it turns out, this one has indeed found its proper home at Maxwell's Farm Recording Studio, and we're having some fun with it there, experimenting with different settings. Sounds killer through Rick's Deluxe Reverb!

It has a shorter 24-3/4" scale length, and a 100% hard rock maple body. Moderately aggressive, but sounds good clean as well. The body is semi-hollow Backbone™ construction of course, just like all DC Guitars, keeping the weight down to a nice comfortable level. It's loaded with a Duncan '59 pickup in the neck position and a Custom-5 in the bridge position. Very articulate but with enough grunt to push it a bit when you want to.

This was the very first guitar built with the DC headstock shape (™). Inlay is mother-of-pearl, and the tuning pegs are positioned so that the strings pull straight across the graphite nut for clean stable tuning without binding.

Some other features on display with this guitar are the DC-logo neckplate with contoured shoulder for added comfort when accessing the highest frets. And another DC Guitars innovation; the recessed string-through anchor plate.

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