A few photos and audio clips of artists playing DC Guitars. Many thanks to all here. Follow the links to their websites to get information on their music and performance schedules.

Roscoe (Grievous Angel)

Check out the tones coming from Roscoe playing a DC Guitar with Grievous Angel at their Carrick House Concert show this past December. This is a clip from "Ain't Got Time to Cry" (with Nolen Mendenhall rippin' up the bassline):

DCguitars_Roscoe.mp3 (3:22, 6.2MB)

Roscoe with Grievous Angel

Roscoe's played with the Chisel Brothers, Thornetta Davis, and the MC5 to name a few. He's also an award winning Producer and has numerous recording credits as Engineer and Guitarist. ROSCOE&39;S RECORDING in Detroit boasts a client list which includes Sponge, Eminem, The Orbitsuns, Jill Jack, Liz Larin and others.


Joshua Moore (We Came As Romans)

Here's an old pic of Josh with a white DC that I made up for him for their "Dreams" EP tour. It's an all-maple body with a short Backbone™, set up for him with an EMG 85 at the neck and an EMG 81 at the bridge.

Joshua Moore

Couple more pics of Josh and WCAR at their Dreams kickoff at the Hayloft, here.

Mike Vial

I met Mike for the first time at his 12/14/08 performance at Carrick's. Great peformance! Halfway through his set he picked up the Amber guitar I had brought along (he'd never even played it before), plugged it straight into Craig's Blues Jr and ripped out his cover version of Clapton's "Change the World". What a cool, unique rendition. Check out the chords and transitions he uses. Mike's got skills... Thanks for playing it, Mike!

DCguitars_MikeVial.mp3 (4:19, 7.9MB)

Mike Vial


Rob McDonald accompanying Rob Lutes

Rob McDonald Rob Lutes


Paul Washington

I stopped by Motor City Guitar and recorded some clips of my friend Paul Washington playing the Amber guitar through a little practice amp. Listen for Paul changing the switch positions to get an idea of the different basic tones available. Add your own amp & effects to taste. ;)

Thanks for the help, Paul!

- Dave

Paul Washington, Amber guitar, small Marshall solid-state practice amp (10/21/08):

PW_Thrill_Is_Gone.mp3 (4:02, 7.7 MB)

time switch position
0:00 #1 - bridge pickup
0:42 #2 - "mixed phase"
1:49 #3 - outer coils in series
2:05 #4 - inner coils in parallel
2:43 #5 - neck pickup

PW_distortion1.mp3 (3:15, 6.2 MB)

time switch position
- various

PW_distortion2.mp3 (2:19, 4.5 MB)

time switch position
- various

PW_blues_riff.mp3 (2:58, 5.7 MB)

time switch position
0:00 #5 - neck pickup
1:13 #4 - inner coils in parallel
1:39 #3 - outer coils in series
1:59 #2 - "mixed phase" (a DC original)
2:31 #1 - bridge pickup

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